Serve The Humanity With Healthcare Courses In Canada

Serve The Humanity With Healthcare Courses In Canada

Why Study Healthcare Courses In Canada ?“Canada is that foreign, developed and progressive country which has open doors for all eligible nursing practitioners, fresh graduates to migrate, serve and obtain permanent residency…”Did you know? 

One in every three healthcare workers in Canada is an immigrant. 

This goes on to suggest a great deal about the overall healthcare infrastructure and aiding institutions in Canada. Pivotal reasons behind you to start off health care study in Canada include,

  • Employability
  • Excellent Career Growth
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Improved Lifestyle
  • Financial Support
  • Global Recognition of Medical Degree
The foreign student population in Canada has tripled over the past decade with over six lakh international students arriving to pursue various study courses.

On average, Canada welcomes students from nearly 156 countries worldwide.


Let’s explore further the institutions in Canada and career opportunities after taking up Healthcare study programs in Canada. 

Postgraduate Healthcare Courses in Canada

When it comes to healthcare study programs, Canada attracts most of its international student aspirants to its postgraduate degree program. Some of the popularly listed healthcare programs in Canada are: 

Addictions and Mental Health Human Nutrition Nursing Kinesiology
Rehabilitation Science Physiotherapy Gerontology Community Health and Humanities
Human Genetics Bio health care Engineering Mental Health Intervention Occupational and Environment Hygiene
Pharmacology Clinical Psychology Anatomical Sciences Pathology

Indian Medical Student aspirants can take up a PG degree in Canada even after not graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). We see students with an engineering degree in Bio-Technology or a bachelor’s degree in life sciences take up postgraduate healthcare courses in Canada to boost their career opportunities. 


Top Healthcare Study Institutions in Canada

Here is a comprehensive list of Canadian universities that are open for foreign intakes to its various Healthcare study courses: 

University of Alberta University of Ottawa University of Winnipeg
Mount Royal University Nipissing University Queen’s University
Laurentian University University of British Columbia University of Toronto
Simon Fraser University McGill University  McMaster University

All the above-listed institutions are not the only institutions offering Healthcare courses. Check your eligibility and consult us to apply for the best university considering your academic profile. 

Find a Course to study abroad

Canada PR For Registered Nurse and Other Healthcare Support 

An official report observed that over 30% of international students who got Canadian bachelor’s degrees and almost 50% of international students who graduated with master’s degrees became permanent residents (PR) within 10 years since they got their study permit.

In order to move to Canada as a nurse, you must fulfill the following requisites: 

  • An adequate level of relevant work experience in your home country.  
  • Demonstrate that your qualifications are equivalent to that of those who are already working as nurses in Canada. 
  • Must have registered/received a license under the nursing regulatory body of the respective province or territory of intended service. 
First Step: Secure an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) certificate. Your nursing qualifications must be assessed and this process is managed by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) of Canada.  Second Step: Further, you must attend a language proficiency test in English or French and subsequently, register your profile in the federal Express Entry pool. Visit a trusted immigration consultant to process your immigration.
Third Step: Alongside, you may also start looking for a job in Canada as a job offer would make your immigration process easier and faster. Once you have a positive NNAS assessment, you may apply for Nursing Canada registration in the concerned province or territory.  Fourth Step: You can move to Canada permanently as and when you receive an invitation from the Express Entry in one of its fortnightly draws. Provincial Nominee Programs also offer an alternate choice of immigration pathway to Canada. 

Read this blog to get complete information on Immigration to Canada as a Registered Nurse

Top provincial programs with a specific need for Nurses
Alberta Alberta Express Entry Stream

Alberta Opportunity Stream

British Columbia British Columbia Skills Immigration Stream

British Columbia Express Entry Stream

Manitoba Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
Ontario Employer Job Offer Category
New Brunswick / Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Immigration Pilot – High- Skilled Workers Stream
Nova Scotia Occupations In-Demand Stream Stream

We hope you got a fair idea about enrolling in Healthcare courses in Canada. You can contact our expert overseas education counsellors to get more details depending on your profile.   

Visit Government of Canada Official Website for more details

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