Study Computer Science Courses in Canada

Study Computer Science Courses in Canada

Looking to study Computer Science courses in Canada? Congratulations. You have landed on the right page. 

You can open opportunities for yourself in fields like: 

  • Information Technology Specialists: This allows you to excel in system administration, Networking, Hardware & Software support. 
  • Computer Programmers: You may develop web portals, business applications, game design, work in data analysis and scientific computing, and develop programs for linguistic analysis. 
  • Computer Researchers: Continue working in the field of medical imaging, cell biology, vascular biology, and stem cell biology.
  • Professors: Public and high school teachers are always in demand. 

The study of Computer Science as an undergraduate or postgraduate program involves specialization in mathematical, engineering and scientific principles, functions and logic, algorithm, software and hardware simulation, and programming languages, now extending to the fields of artificial intelligence & machine learning.   

If there is one country that is truly open to international students giving top-class exposure to the area of study, and at affordable tuition fees, it has to be Canada! Let’s dig in further. 

Undergraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Computer Science Courses in Canada

Mostly, UG programs for computer science are of 3 years (might range to 4 in rare cases). While PG programs for computer science may last for 2 years to 3 years. If you are planning to study computer science, this is the best time for you and Canada is undoubtedly the appropriate destination.

Canada offers various Computer Science study disciplines for UG & PG courses including: 

  • Computer Science & IT
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Business Information Systems
  • Cyber & IT Security
  • Data Science & Big Data
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 
  • Health Informatics
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Informatics & Information Sciences 
  • Software Engineering
  • Video Games & Multimedia
  • Web Technologies & Cloud Computing
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Eligibility Requirements to Study in Canada 

Admission eligibility requirements may vary upon university and department for their respective programs and courses, given below is the minimum eligibility required to study in Canadian Universities:

For Undergraduate/ Bachelor coursesFor Diploma courses
TOEFL: 213 or IELTS: 6.0


Percentage: 70% or above in Class XII

TOEFL: 213 or IELTS: 6.0


Percentage: Flexible admission

For Indian students to pursue post-graduation in any Computer Science courses in Canada, students must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized educational institution to enrol for a Master’s study program. Those with a diploma degree can apply for postgraduate diploma courses. Further, candidates are required to demonstrate at least one year of relevant work experience. A good language proficiency score is compulsory for admission. 

Applicants with 4 or more backlogs may also apply. Check with our consultants for more details.

Top Canadian Institutions for UG/PG in Computer Science 

Here is a comprehensive list of Canadian universities that are open for foreign intakes to its various Computer Science study courses: 

University of TorontoUniversity of WaterlooMcGill University
University of British ColumbiaUniversity of MontrealUniversity of Alberta
Simon Fraser UniversityMcMaster University University of Victoria

Here are top colleges in Canada that offers PG diploma courses in Computer Science: 

  • Humber College
  • Centennial College
  • George Brown College
  • Concordia University 
  • Conestoga College
  • Lambton College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Thompson Rivers College
  • St. Clair College
  • Ryerson University

All the above-listed institutions are not the only institutions offering Computer science courses. Check your eligibility and consult us to apply for the best university considering your academic profile.

Why Study Computer Science in Canada? 

Canada is regarded among the top three study destinations by international students due to its Education System. The other two destinations include the USA & Australia. However, few distinct advantages of studying in Canada include: 

  • Less stringent immigration requirements, 
  • Friendly neighbourhood, 
  • Easy opportunity to work during or after completion of the course,
  • No separate work visa is required for part-time jobs during the course of study, 
  • Special health care benefits for students.
The foreign student population in Canada has tripled over the past decade with over six lakh international students arriving to pursue various study courses. 


On average, Canada welcomes students from nearly 156 countries worldwide. 

Depicting International Student Population in Various Canadian Provinces

Image: Depicting International Student Population in Various Canadian Provinces

Indian students willing to migrate to Canada to enrol themselves in Computer science study programs can consider this exclusive arrangement called the SPP programme

Student Partnership Program (SPP) was launched in April 2009 as a joint administrative initiative between the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) body. Its main objective is to streamline the admission and visa process for Canadian Community Colleges so as to see a rise in the number of visas issued to Indian students aspiring to study at such colleges. Around 47 Canadian Colleges are listed under this programme. 

You can contact our consultants to get more details about it and expedite your chances of migrating to Canada. 

Is it Worth Choosing Computer Science among Various Study Courses in Canada? 

Canada provides the much-needed practical exposure to excel in any job role in future. Some of the prospective job opportunities after graduating in Computer Science from Canada include: 

Game DevelopersApplications AnalystsSoftware Developer/Tester
Cybersecurity AnalystData AnalystDatabase Administrator
Forensic Computer AnalystInformation’s System ManagerIT Consultant
Data ScientistMachine Learning SpecialistWeb Developer
Computer Network ArchitectInformation Security AnalystQuality Assurance Engineer

Most often, international students studying Computer Science settle around popular cities of Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary. The average salary for a Computer Science graduate around these regions is above $68,280 annually; entry-level salaries start at $24,480 per year.

Qualify for Permanent Residency in Canada

Time and again Canada has successfully retained a good number of foreign talents to support its economy as well as improve their life chances. Canada Experience Class program under Express Entry is ideal for international students with at least one year of work experience inside Canada to apply for permanent residency. Apart from this, there are other Provincial Nominee Programs to nominate recent international graduates to apply for provincial nominations. 

An official report observed that over 30% of international students who got Canadian bachelor’s degrees and almost 50% of international students who graduated with master’s degrees became permanent residents (PR) within 10 years since they got their study permit.

Students can even engage themselves in different activity programmes in each season such as sailing activities, spring festivals, hiking, skiing, or sledding.

 We hope you got a fair idea about studying Computer Science in Canada. You can contact our expert overseas education counsellors to get more details.  

Visit Government of Canada Official Website for more details

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